Football Manager Screener Beta
Football Manager 15 coach search view available for download
I had forgotten to upload the view for coach searching, but I've finally come around to do so. You can now download it in either RAR format or ZIP format.

To screen coaches, simply press the button below, select the exported FM files, then press "Open" to upload. For more information, check the usage guides

  • This tool is designed to work with FM13, FM14, and FM15. Older editions will not work!
  • The only file extensions allowed are *.rtf and *.html
  • Current supported languages are: GB / US English, NO Norwegian, SE Swedish, DK Danish, IT Italian, PT Portuguese, PL Polish, TR Turkish, FR French
  • You can click here to clear any data below

When screening Coach search views, the background colors indicates the following: Best alternatives and second-best alternatives. Coaches having the same background color in a category share an identical rating.

Warning! Large files may take a while to process as the tables are generated by your browser on-the-fly. It is therefore not recommended to screen a large number of coaches at once. This particularly applies to Coach Search Views. While it may seem stuck on 100% file upload, your browser is most likely rendering the HTML.

This webpage utilizes Uploadify, and sorttable. Star icons were obtained from Flag icons extracted from Football Manager 2013.

Encountered an error? Let me know!